Spectra® Precision QML XT

Spectra® Precision QML XT. The industry’s latest andsimplest layout solution
Spectra® Precision QML XT

Spectra QML – A fast and cost-effective way to mark out an interior layout

X Marks the Spot

Increase your project’s productivity with the Trimble Spectra Precision® QML Layout system. 

Designed to quickly and efficiently complete an interior layout with 2 aligned lasers, the Spectra Precision® QML800G Layout System saves time while avoiding costly errors with its improved accuracy. The QML800G can mark 3 times more points at one third of the cost of a Total Station. This product is suitable for drywall contractors, MEP contractors, general contractors, construction managers and architects. For a quick mark interior layout, this is the tool to use.

Find out how the QML XT layout system can improve your current processes today!

Spectra® Precision QML XT

What’s New in QML XT:

We have made some vast improvements on the original QML800 model. These upgrades include:

  • More power to process those large CAD files
  • Additional tools to handle CAD data
  • Additional measurement options
  • On-the-job troubleshooting
  • All new reporting options

Features & Benefits

Maximise your productivity with the QML XT Layout System:

  • Easy-To-Use system with an intuitive tablet interface
  • Fast setup requiring minimal training
  • Quick ROI in 1 to 3 jobs
  • Surveying background is no longer necessary
  • Eliminate calculation and tape reading errors and errors are not compounded from one marking error
  • Complex shapes and dense areas are easy to layout
  • Wireless communications between tablet and lasers
  • Works faster by locating points within 5 seconds
  • Mark 3x more points at one third of the cost of a Total Station
  • Works more efficiently with labor reduction of up to 50%
Tablet with layout drawings created by the Spectra® Precision QML XT

Dare To Compare

See how the QML XT from Trimble compares to the method you’re using now.

The Spectra Precision® QML800 QuickMark Layout system will pay for itself in no time! Discover the latest findings from the US National Electrical Contractors Association when they researched the return on investment across a range of layout solutions available in the market today:

  Traditional Layout Conventional Total Station Robotic Total Station QML800G
# Workers on a Layout Crew 2 2 1 1
# of Layout Crews / Projects 1 1 1 1
Hours Worked / Week 40 40 40 40
Hourly Cost / Person $75 $75 $75 $75
# of Layout Points / Day 75 150 300 900
Total Cost Per Point $16 $8 $2 $0.67

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