Spectra® Precision QML XT

Spectra® Precision QML XT. The industry’s latest andsimplest layout solution
Spectra® Precision QML XT

Spectra QML – A fast and cost-effective way to mark out an interior layout

X Marks the Spot

Increase your project’s productivity with the Spectra Precision® QML Layout system. 

Designed to quickly and efficiently complete a layout with 2 aligned 2 lasers, the QML Layout System saves time while avoiding costly errors with its improved accuracy. This product is suitable for drywall contractors, MEP contractors, general contractors, construction managers and architects.

Find out how the QML XT layout system can improve your current processes today!

Spectra® Precision QML XT

What’s New in QML XT:

We have made some vast improvements on the original QML800 model. These upgrades include:

  • More power to process those large CAD files
  • Additional tools to handle CAD data
  • Additional measurement options
  • On-the-job troubleshooting
  • All new reporting options

Features & Benefits

Maximise your productivity with the QML XT Layout System:

  • Easy-To-Use system with an intuitive tablet interface
  • Fast setup requiring minimal training
  • Quick ROI in 1 to 3 jobs
  • Surveying background is no longer necessary
  • Eliminate calculation and tape reading errors and errors are not compounded from one marking error
  • Complex shapes and dense areas are easy to layout
  • Wireless communications between tablet and lasers
  • Works faster by locating points within 5 seconds
  • Works more efficiently with labor reduction of up to 50%
Tablet with layout drawings created by the Spectra® Precision QML XT

Dare To Compare

See how the QML XT compares to the method you’re using now.

The QML800G will pay for itself in no time! Discover the latest findings from the US National Electrical Contractors Association when they researched the return on investment across a range of layout solutions available in the market today:

  Traditional Layout Conventional Total Station Robotic Total Station QML800G
# Workers on a Layout Crew 2 2 1 1
# of Layout Crews / Projects 1 1 1 1
Hours Worked / Week 40 40 40 40
Hourly Cost / Person $75 $75 $75 $75
# of Layout Points / Day 75 150 300 900
Total Cost Per Point $16 $8 $2 $0.67

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