ProMark 120 DC

The Spectra Precision ProMark 120 Data Collector comes with Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software, built-in GSM/GPSS modem, an integrated professional GNSS and 3M pixels digital camera, making it an extremely versatile and powerful device for any surveyor.

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The Spectra Precision® ProMark™ 120 Data Collector offers a large bright touch-screen, lightweight but rugged housing, large storage capability (2 GB internal memory), internal 3M pixel digital camera and long battery life (over 8 hours). It was built to meet tough drop, dust, humidity and temperature requirements, allowing surveyors to work in any environment.

The ProMark 120 Data Collector is equipped with Spectra Precision Survey Pro or FAST Survey field software, Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and integrated wireless capabilities (Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS), enabling easy, intuitive and cable-free operation of your field equipment.

In addition, ProMark 120 Data Collector features an integrated professional grade GNSS chipset, which allows use of this data collector as a standalone GNSS receiver for additional work such as pre-survey and GIS data collection.

All these features and capabilities make ProMark 120 Data Collector a very versatile and powerful device which suits all surveyors’ needs.

Features & Benefits

Outstanding GPS & GLONASS performance
Extended productivity in obstructed conditions
Unpaired ease-of-use in the field
Versatile solution: post-processing, RTK, GIS