GL710 Grade Laser

GL710 Applications
     • 3D Grade Control with Laser Augmentation
     • Site Preparation
     • Landfill
     • General Construction

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Trimble’s innovative technology ensures higher accuracy than ever before over a variety of machine control and general construction applications. Plus, unique features help reduce beam drift errors and speed up setup and grade changing to optimise worker and machine productivity. The Spectra Precision Laser GL700 Series from Trimble has four robust models, so you can select the right laser transmitter for the right application. Each model in the GL700 Series is designed to be simple to set up and use.

Easy to use, one-man operation, GL710 is a single grade laser accurate up to 900m (3,000 feet) diameter. With a -0.5% to +25% grade, the GL710 is a great choice for general construction, site prep, trenching and pipe-laying applications. Each unit comes with a laser receiver as standard, your choice of power options and the best service and support in the industry. Fast set-up, high accuracy and long range equals more productivity.

Features & Benefits

     • Active Temperature Compensation
Accurate, stable results regardless of temperature changes

     • Protective Lens Hood
Ensures laser performance in inclement weather

     • Manual Alignment Sights
Allows fast, easy setup

     • High-Powered Visible Beam
For fast setup and excellent performance in high dust conditions.

     • Selectable Rotation Speeds
300, 600, and 900 rpm.

     • Intuiative, Simple Controls
Makes the GL700 series easy to use and learn

     • Field Calibration
Makes it simple to check and adjust the calibration in the field either at the transmitter or via the remote

     • Long Battery Life
Flexible power options, battery life indicator, and a wireless operated sleep mode that saves battery during breaks

     • Fully Sealed, Rugged Aluminium Housing
With weather-resistant control panel, allows you to work in all weather and work conditions. Built-in non-slip carrying handle

     • Grade Reverse
Mirrors the grade setting with the push of a button

     • Automatic Self-Levelling
Over the entire grade range, simplifies setup and ensures repeatable accuracy

     • Spectra Precision Lasers
Proven performance and quality… supported by the industry’s leading service centers

     • Automatic Off Grade Sensor
Prevents incorrect grading … and wasted man and machine hours

     • Large Alpha/Numeric Displays
Transmitter display is visible from ground even on 3 m (10 ft) tripods… no ladder needed


Grade Range Accuracy
     • Axis Grade Range X: -10 to +10%
     • Self-Levelling: self levels to 10%
     • Grade Resolution: 0.001%
     • Servo Deadband Accuracy: 4.6 arc seconds

Laser Classification
     • CDRH II (IECI)

     • Laser – 450 m (1500 ft) with Spectra Precision Lasers machine-mounted receivers

Mounting Threads
     • 5/8” x 11” on all models
     • 3 1/2” X 8” Mounting Adapter optional

Waterproof & Housing
     • Waterproof Aluminum Housing

     • Weight 8.5 kg (18.8 lbs)
     • Height 29.8 cm (11.75 in)
     • Width 25.4 cm (10.0 in)
     • Depth 19.7 cm (7.75 in)