GL422N Grade Laser

GL422N Applications
     • Levelling concrete forms and footers
     • General construction vertical alignment and plumb such as anchor bolt and form alignment
     • Sports fields, tennis courts and driveways
     • Grading and excavating
     • Steep slope road embankments and ditch banks
     • Ramps and drainage

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The automatic, self-levelling Spectra Precision® GL422N dual grade lasers is the most rugged, cost-effective lasers that do three jobs—level, grade, and vertical alignment. Even in harsh job site conditions, the GL422N delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster and smarter.

The rugged GL422N lasers can withstand drops of up to one metre (three feet) onto concrete and tripod tip-overs up to 1.5 metres (five feet). This strength, combined with full weatherproofing and dust proofing, reduces downtime and lowers repair costs over the life of the product.

Each GL412N and GL422N laser system now includes the advanced HL760 Digital Readout (DRO) receiver that provides automatic Grade Match, PlaneLok and Fingerprint function.

Grade Match measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground. As a consequence it eliminates time consuming and error prone calculations
PlaneLok automatically locks on to an existing horizontal elevation or vertical alignment point which eliminates all drift or possibility of error due to improper calibration or weather.

The unique “Fingerprint” function only accepts the beam from the laser it is paired with.

The CR600 receiver is also an option when a machine mounted display elevation is required.

Features & Benefits

     • Menu driven user interface reduces learning time and eliminates complex button pressing to activate advance features
     • RC402N radio remote control allows control of all laser functions from up to 330feet (or 100 metres
     • Maintains performance even in rainy, dusty and other harsh job site and weather conditions – IP66 environmental rating
     • Durable design reduces downtime due to drops and tripod tip-overs
     • Automatic Grade Match eliminates time consuming and error prone calculation
     • Mask mode eliminates interference with other crews on the job site
     • Comes with choice of CR600 or HL760 receivers so you can choose the best option to suit your application


     • Levelling accuracy: ± 1.5 mm/30 m, 1/16“ @ 100 ft, 10 arc seconds
     • Operating diameter: appr. 800 m (2600 feet)
     • Grade range: -10% to +15% (Dual Axes GL422N)
     • Rotation: 300, 600 rpm
     • Laser type: red diode laser 650 nm
     • Laser class : Class 2
     • Self-levelling range: ± 5° (±9%)
     • Levelling indicators: LCD indications and LED flashes
     • Radio range (HL760): up to 100 m (330 ft)
     • Power source: 10.000 mAh NiMH battery pack
     • Battery life: 35 hours NiMH; 50 hours alkaline
     • Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
     • Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
     • Tripod attachments: 5/8 x 11 horizontally and vertically
     • Dust and waterproof: Yes – IP66
     • Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
     • Low voltage indication: LCD battery indicator
     • Low voltage disconnection: Unit shuts off
     • Warranty: 5 Years