GCS Flex

The Trimble® GCSFlex™ Grade Control System provides real-time grade guidance to you in the cab, so you can excavate to a desired depth, slope, or alignment faster and more accurately. Plus with GCSFlex, there’s very little prep work before the job and very little grade checking after. You’ll just dig better and more quickly. When you eliminate grade stakes, stringline, and rework, just imagine how much more profitable you’ll be.

 Basements Illustration 1 The depth control function speeds up excavation of footings, foundations, basements, or other level, fixed depth surfaces. Simply enter the target depth in the Trimble CB450 Control Box and start digging. Enter Your Fixed DepthBasements Illustration 2
Utilities Illustration 1 Depth and slope functionality is ideal for trenching, cutting side slopes and digging utilities or embankments. Just enter the target depth and slope in the control box and the system guides you to a sloped grade. The addition of a heading sensor allows additional flexibility to move the machine without re-benching. Enter your Depth and SlopeUtilities Illustration 2
Drainage Illustration 1a Alignment mode uses GPS guidance for maximum functionality when excavating more complex jobs such as drainage areas. Easy on-screen templates help you create an alignment and add a profile to create a simplified 3D design in the field. With the GCSFlex system, you can create a simple driveway design or a more complex drainage ditch that does not follow a straight line – and you won’t need a technology guy to do it. Create an In-Field DesignDrainage Illustration 2

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