2D Grade Control

The Trimble 2D Grade Control System for compact machines is an excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology.

     • Measure the lift and tilt of the blade with a single laser and laser receiver
     • Measure the slope of the blade by adding another laser receiver or a slope sensor
     • Get to grade more accurately and quickly with in-cab elevation and slope guidance

Finished Grade
     • Achieve tight tolerances and a smooth finished grade with precise vertical guidance.
     • Calculate the cross-slope of the blade using two angle sensors and a rotation sensor
     • Add a laser receiver or a sonic tracer to measure elevation 
     • Trace stringline, previous pass, or curb and gutter with a sonic tracer

Trimble 2D for Compact Machines is ideal for:
     • Commercial Site development
     • Residential development
     • Concrete Subgrade
     • Parking lots
     • Footpaths and walkways
     • Sports fields and arenas
     • Landscaping

Trimble 2D for Compact Machines is available in the following configurations:

     • Single Elevation Plus Cross-Slope
     • Dual Elevation

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