Trimble is a pioneer in construction positioning technology providing reliable, accurate solutions and improving productivity in a wide range of jobs.

Trimble and Spectra Precision® offer a comprehensive portfolio of levelling, positioning, and alignment tools and solutions for General Construction, Interior and Underground work. A complete line of construction and surveying accessories completes the portfolio.

DR400_DigiRod_Trench_from behind_wide General Construction

General Construction tools for efficient elevation and alignment control on the job site, includes laser levels, horizontal and vertical lasers, grade lasers, receivers and optical instruments.

LT58_Ceiling_Install Interior Construction

Interior Construction tools for alignment and layout provide speed, accuracy and convenience – includes horizontal and vertical lasers, portable laser pointers, line generators and laser distance meters.

DG813_big pipe Underground Construction

Underground Construction tools for commercial and residential projects – pipe lasers and associated accessories accurately align pipe in the toughest environments.