Whether you’re a grower or an earthworks contractor, the Trimble® WM-Form™ land forming solution can help you fix under-producing acres – while also controlling the cost of the earthworks and minimising disturbance to valuable topsoil.

With easy-to-use surface design tools and flexible parameters, WM-Form software can help you create field leveling, drainage and irrigation designs that optimise the field surface for water management and produce a more consistent yield.

You’ll get problem areas producing in no time, while you

     • Open up more acres to be farmed
     • Enable optimal water distribution and drainage
     • Minimise disturbance to valuable topsoil
     • Reduce erosion and minimise flooding by effectively channeling water
     • Create more uniform production and increase yield


     • Level fields with single or multiple planes using a best-fit or custom plane, or with multiple hinges
     • Drain water in any direction or to a linear feature such as a ditch or existing drainage system
     • Create multi-direction variable slope designs to optimise the surface for furrow irrigation
     • Create section lines and design each section individually
     • Generate multiple design variations for the field, then compare them in 3D view against the original topography
     • Produce 2D cut/fill estimates and reports


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