Optimum Surface Landforming

For leading farmers, agricultural consultants and earthmoving contractors who want to improve farm profitability through improved water management, OptiSurface Designer is the worlds most powerful analysis and design software for agricultural landforming. It calculates the optimised field topography that satisfies water management goals whilst minimising earthworks and without ditches. It does this using patented system incorporating Infinitely Variable Grades (IVG) along with 3D GPS machine control technology. Save 50% to 80% in earthworks when agricultural land grading, achieve drainage & irrigation objectives with much lower earthworks by following natural land surface curvature, lowest earthworks & lowest topsoil disturbance guarantee with unique patented technology, eliminate or minimise infield ditches/drain.

Unique Patented Design Software takes full advantage of GPS machine control technology.

     • Saves Up To 80% In Earthworks & Topsoil Movement
     • Unique Design Capabilities To Suit Different Farming Systems
     • Proven On Over 500,000 Acres Around The World

All the yield boasting benefits of traditional laser grading:
     • Improved drainage
     • Improved infiltration uniformity

With the major extra benefits of:
     • Much lower earthworks (Up to 80% lower)
     • Much lower costs
     • Minimal topsoil stripping

     • Furrow irrigation
     • Dryland cropping
     • Center pivot/lateral move irrigation
     • Tree cropping
     • Anywhere drainage and infiltration is sub-optimal

Before OptiSurfaceAfter OptiSurface

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