4.5 Series II

Horwood Bagshaw is renowned for manufacturing quality machinery which combines clever design with practical engineering. The new Mark II Grader Scraper is no exception. Here is a top civil and agricultural application. It is highly-efficient machine which can scarify, grade and trim (on a secondary angle) in one high speed operation. Based on feedback from current owners/operators the Mark II has many additional new features to improve productivity an reduce downtime.


4.5m Transport Width
One of the most notable features of the Mark II is its 4.476m Transport width. This compact width meets with stricter transport regulations and reduces the need for a police escort. The result – less delays, less downtime, less hassle.

The overall construction (as with all Horwood Bagshaw) is solid and robust for durability and reliability. Its heavy weight and strength means it digs better and cuts faster.

New Pull
The Mark II has a simpler, more practical drawbar.

Hitching Options
Hitching options include:
     • The standard plain tongue style
     • A ball hitch (for standard and lead scraper connections)
     • A swivel hitch option which would suit a tandem connection
     • A cushion hitch

To make GPS/Laser integration more versatile the Mark II uses 5 independent hydraulic circuits to operate the main lift, bucket, apron, scarifiers and X-leveller. For tandem scraper, there are 3 independent circuits to the main lift, bucket and apron. Overcentre valves have been fitted to all cylinders to protect against falling in a burst hose situation. Cylinder pins are larger and are greasable, so it’s an easy machine to service.

Scarifier Assembly
The optional scarifier assembly uses a parallelogram action allowing shallower scarifying and levelling at the same time. The tynes are ‘Caterpillar-style’ and use standard caterpillar points. A shear pin has been fitted as a protection feature to stop damage to tynes and tine mount assembly.

Cutting Edge
The Mark II features a 50% stronger cutting edge support to reduce ‘sagging’ and give a more accurate cut. it has 3 equal reversible blades to optimise blade life and also features two ‘drop down’ height positions to accommodate wear.

Front SkirtsScraper1
The Mark II’s front skirts are shorter to improve cornering and are now made of bisalloy for longer life.

Side Boards
Longer routers give the Mark II greater stability. These routers are also fitted with ‘Chocolate blocks’ for improved wear.

305mm higher bucket side to reduce the need for ‘hungry boards’. The bucket has a simple, tipping action for quick discharge and has an estimated capacity of 10.1m3 (struck) and 11.6m3 (Headed).

Walking Axle Beams
High speed levelling is achieved with the stronger walking axle beam and pivot near the cutting edge. This also allows a ‘wheel forward’ when towing which creates smooth grading.

Rear Frame
The Mark II features a re-designed, strengthened rear frame with improved hub/wheel access, making wheel change a much quicker process. A’lead’ scraper version available for tandem machine operation.

Scraper2New Cross-Leveller
Its new cross-leveller is a simpler, stronger design and with replaceable pins and bushes, maintenance is fast and easy. The strengthened rear beam accommodates tandem towing.

Rear Tow Hitch
An added feature of the Grader Scraper Mark II is a 50mm Tow Hitch receiver which has been designed to easily accommodate a light trailer.

The Mark II has heavy-duty, oil-filled wheel bearings with Caterpillar-styled duo-cone seals.

Four tyre options are offered:
     • 9-20 Highway tread (fitted as standard)
     • 9-20 ‘W’ Lug
     • 9-20 Smooth Tread (Compactor type) – Slides when cornering to create less soil disturbance or drag.
     • 11-20 Smooth Tread (Compactor type) – Increases flotation by approximately 50%. This profile will also reduce the chance of stick puncture.


Cutting width Feet     
Capacity Struck Cubic yards     
Cubic metres     
Capacity Headed Cubic yards     
Cubic metres     
Weight Unladen Tonnes      11.4
Weight Distribution (Loaded) Drawbar     
Scraper Wheels     
Wheel Equipment (Standard) Type     
Scarifier Equipment Number of Tynes      13
Overall Dimensions Width     
Hydraulic Requirements 5 sets
Min. Power Requirements Kw     

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