BMS Laser Scraper

BMS Laser Scraper 3.5

The unique features and robust construction of the BMS Laser Scraper provide the perfect package for every levelling application.

Where innovation meets form, function and reliability.

     • Laser levelling field workOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
     • 3D GPS field levelling
     • OptiSurface 3D levelling
     • Channels & drains
     • Headlands & roads
     • Levee banks & pads

     • Load
     • Unload
     • Grade
     • Maintain
     • Operate



Large Sweep Apron
The apron sweeps up all the soil dragged in front of the cutting edge to maximise soil shift efficiency.

Positive Ejection Action
The direct push door ensures easy unloading of the scoop in any soil conditions.

Oscillating Wheels
The proven oscillating wheel assembly delivers smooth operation and precision grading.

Cross Leveller
Allows the scoop to be tilted left and right to maximise load and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcut batters.

Max Cut With One Escort
This unique design offers a cutting width of 3.4 metres with an overall with less then 3.5 metres allowing transport with only one escort.

Rugged Reliability
The scoop is heavily constructed and well engineered, utilising quality components and best practices.

Level Lift Rippers
Loosens the soil in hard pan areas to allow easy loading in any situation including rip and load simultaneously.

Cutting width – 3.4m
Overall width – 3.49m
Carry capacity – 7.5m3
Weight – 8 ton

Match the BMS Laser Scraper with a Trimble laser or GPS control system to increase yield and solve your water management problems such as drainage and irrigation.


BMS Laser Scraper 4.0

Cutting width – 3.9m
Overall width – 3.99m
Carry capacity – 8.6m3
Weight – 10 ton

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