Yield Monitoring


In-Field Yield Monitoring
     • During harvest, you can accurately view, map, and record crop yield and moisture data in real-time to instantly understand how well your crop performed. Functionality is dependent on which Trimble display you use.

Variety Tracking
     • Map and compare the performance of different seed varieties throughout your field.

Moisture Tracking
     • Determine if grain needs to be stored or dried based on the in-field moisture content.

Load Tracking
     • Record the amount of grain harvested and loaded onto your trucks.

Auto-Cut Width
     • Adjust the cut width automatically when traveling over odd-shaped fields, point rows, or other previously harvested areas to improve the accuracy of yield calculations.

In-Office Yield Analysis
     • Think of your yield map as an assessment of your crop. You can import your yield map into Farm Works Software® to view and assess the performance of your fields.

     • Identify high- and low-performance areas, determine the best seed variety for your farm, reconcile yield maps with the actual load ticket data, and generate reports.

     • The assessment of your crop yield will help you develop a plan for your fields the next year. Use the yield map within Farm Works Software to determine why your crop performed the way it did and design a strategy for the land prep and planting season.

Create prescription maps for variable rate application, budget your seed, chemical, and/or fertiliser costs, and create a plan for optimal water management.

Sugarcane Yield Map – 10m Contour

Yield Map

Sugarcane Yield Map Report

Map Report

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