Office Sync

Office Sync utilises wireless technology to send and receive data files between the office and field. Guidance lines, yield data, variable rate application maps, coverage maps, and other data files can be transferred safely without a USB flash drive.  Wireless data transfer allows quicker access to vital information about your fields so that decisions can be made in a timely manner, such as fertility recommendations.

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Key Features
     • Access your precision farming data from any location using your Connected Farm™ account
     • Access your precision farming data from your desktop computer using
     • Farm Works Software® solutions
     • Download data from Connected Farm for use in third-party agricultural mapping software

Data Files that Transfer
     • Client/farm/field names
     • Field boundaries
     • Guidance lines
     • Yield data
     • Variable rate application maps
     • As-applied coverage maps (i.e. seed, fertiliser,…)
     • Feature lines, points and areas
     • Completed and planned drainage designs
     • Soil sampling maps

Office Sync Options
Office Sync can send and receive data files wirelessly using Connected Farm™ (cloud-based solution) or Farm Works Software® (desktop-based solution). The key advantages of using Connected Farm is that data can be accessed from a web browser and easily shared with other third-party agricultural software. This gives you added flexibility if you or your trusted advisor is not using Farm Works Software for data management.

Connected Farm Farm Works Software
Cloud Access X  
Desktop Access   X
Send and Receive Data Files X X

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