Creating Management Solutions

We have recently completed some SiS work for a client who is a mixed cropping farmer, he grows , potatoes , carrots, wheat in rotation sometimes under different sections of his 120 ha pivot. Understanding the need to maximise efficiency in irrigation across different crops he has installed Trimble’s Irrigate IQ  to fine tune the different crops water use requirements.

After speaking with him about the capacity of SiS to capture soil physical data, including PAWC, RZFC, RZPWP, to name a few of the 25 characteristics that we can provide spatially correct data for across the field, we went ahead and completed a survey of 1/4 of his pivot.

From the screenshot off Connected Farm (below) we can sit down with his advisor and now isolate areas of the field that have more or less capacity to hold soil moisture. Bring the raw data into Farm Works and create an irrigation prescription to account for soil water holding capacity, crop water use, and environmental losses , to put the right amount on in the right place. This ability has the potential to reduce costs, increase average yield, and overall quality.

-Bryan Granshaw

“Soil Information Systems”products specialist at BMS Lasersat

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